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So Lux Life is a journey towards the best representation of your brand. We train you to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual luxuries of yourself as an entrepreneur through digital knowledge, coaching, training, and digital design.

Join us on this journey as we tackle your obstacles and incorporate healthy ways to grow through unexpected stumbling blocks that happen along the way. Invest in your brand by taking the time to give your business what it ultimately deserves, and that is to have professional, luxurious designs created specifically for your vision. Your business is destined to thrive with the utilization of professional branding, coaching, and design. 

Enjoy tips, techniques, healthy thinking and behavior patterns, and much more when you join our network of professionals and like-minded entrepreneurs. We like to network and hold one another accountable! Think of it as a virtual accountability team.


So Lux Life Professional Services will help you and/or your business along the journey of becoming self-sufficient, influential, and growing your platform to reach the target audience you desire, and gain the clientele that will invest in your worth. Get a FREE price quote NOW.

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digital design packages 





  • 90-day Social Media Management

  • Custom Website Design

  • Logo Creation

  • 6 (60 min) 1:1 PR Coaching Sessions

  • 90-day Custom Media Marketing Plan

  • Brand Specific Graphics

  • Personalized Social Media Calendar

  • Graphic Organizer

  • $100 Marketing Print Credit

  • 3 Sponsored Digital Ads


Public Relations



  • 4 (60 min) 1:1 PR Coaching Calls 

  • 60-day Custom Media Marketing Plan

  • Brand Specific Graphics

  • Personalized Social Media Calendar

  • Graphic Organizer

  • $50 Marketing Print Credit

  • 1 Sponsored Digital Ad





  • 2 week coaching class (4 sessions)

  • Personalized social media content calendar

  • Graphic organizer

  • 30-day digital marketing package

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So Lux Life Network:Connect with over 1,000+ members. Socially post, ask questions, chat and watch the So Lux Life livestreams in our Facebook group. 

So Lux Life Podcast:Episodes where we motivate, encourage, laugh, and address dilemmas submitted by our listeners. We also give you the push you need and tips to drive you into success.

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client testimonials

“So Lux Life professional services has helped me to give my brand a professional look. I had no idea where to start and Kris helped me with everything -- even things I didn't think I needed. I'm so happy I invested in giving my brand the LUX enhancements. ”

— Breann L, MS

"Greatest investment for a business or individual who wants a sleek and professional look. Kris' 1:1 coaching really made me become accountable  more consistent which helped my business to exceed in sales and gaining clients."

— Michael H., GA

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