Designed to help enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual luxuries in life.


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So Lux Life is a journey towards your best life. We train you to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual luxuries in your life and your brand through knowledge, coaching, training, and self-care techniques.

Join us on this journey as we tackle your obstacles and incorporate healthy ways to grow through unexpected stumbling blocks. Invest in yourself by taking the time to give yourself what you ultimately deserve, and that is to live the luxurious life you know you are destined to live through professional branding, consultation and coaching. 

Enjoy tips, techniques, healthy thinking and behavior patterns, and much more when you join our network of professionals and like-minded entrepreneurs.


We will help you along your journey of becoming self-sufficient, influential, and growing your platform to reach the target audience you desire, and gain the clientele that will invest in your worth. Join now.

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So Lux Life was designed to help you along the journey of being happy and content with your authentic self. Driven from a place of ambition, SLL wants to help you embrace certain areas of your life and break mental barriers that are stopping you from elevating to that next level.


Krispin J. Watson | CEO | Host 

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