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$1.00 Eye Shadow Palette That Actually Works Good!

I was in Walmart doing my weekly grocery shopping and was in the checkout line waiting for my turn. As I'm waiting, I see the items they are advertising by the counter that they entice you to purchase at the last minute

I always see these beauty products displayed at the checkout counters, but I never pay them any mind because I think they are cheap and won't show up how you want them to. I was absolutely WRONG! They had this palette marked down to a sale price of $1.00 which is honestly the only reason I purchased it to begin with. I said, "A dollar? What the heck?! It won't hurt to try it."

I got home and tried this palette out and in all honestly, it worked better that I thought it would. I created a smokey eye look with the bronze, gold, and dark brown colors. The colors were pigmented and actually showed up great on my skin.

This was a great dollar spent. I wish they had other colors, but this is the only one I saw for sale. I assume this is supposed to be a replica of the Maybelline "The Nudes" palette, but that retails for somewhere around $8 whereas this one was only $1. Take your pick!

Smokey Eye using the $1 Glam & Beauty Nude Palette

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