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How to Decorate Your First Home Together on a Dime (When You Don’t See Eye to Eye)

Guest post by Lance Cody-Valdez

When your husband was a bachelor, there was no one to tell him that he couldn’t have a Pulp FIction poster in the living room. Though his pre-married design scheme may have been “Whatever, man, it’s just an apartment” chic, it’s time to move into a new era of living. But when you’re trying to stick to a budget, decorating to please you both can be quite stressful, especially if you’re purchasing a home together, when you must be careful to calculate expenses and not get in over your head. Here are a few tips to help you and your partner decorate without losing your minds, presented to you by Realtor Krispin Watson.

Start with a Decluttering Session

When you first get married, you have to combine two whole apartments' worth of belongings into one space. Chances are, you won't fit everything. Apartment Therapy recommends doing a thorough decluttering together before you start. Be ready to choose between duplicates of items that both of you have, such as couches, coffee tables, or throw rugs. If you can’t decide, consider tossing the old and purchasing something new together.

Decide on a Style You Both Enjoy

Trying to blend two vastly different styles can make your home look a little hectic. Instead, try to choose an in-between stylethat you both enjoy. Look at pictures of home interiors that you're drawn to and compile a list of words for inspiration, such as “light” or “cozy.”

If you’re having trouble deciding between a feminine and masculine look, try to mesh the two. According to Ballard Designs, this creates a striking sense of balance in a home. Combine softer, lighter colors with dark, solid pieces, or you can blend warm and cool tones. For example, a brown leather sofa can be lightened up with cream cushions or a throw blanket. You can also use artwork to tie your styles together. Just remember to have the right tools on hand to hang new pieces. Good tools are an investment that you should make early, and you’ll get your money’s worth over the years as a homeowner.

To save money, avoid buying multiple pieces of furniture just because they’re part of a set. It’s okay to mix and match your décor. In fact, this can add interest and personality to your home. Forbes suggests choosing a color palette before you start shopping for new items. Bring pictures of your existing furniture with you to the store for help choosing complementing pieces.

Lastly, try to add some modern touches to your walls by using removable wallpaper. Peel-and-stick options make it easy to swap in different colors and styles without having to commit to one particular look. And don’t let the stigma surrounding wallpaper trip you up; things have changed a lot over the past several years.

Compromise on Your Accessories

Accessorizing your home is where you can get creative combining the accent pieces the two of you already own. Choose a few paintings, ornaments and rugs that go with your furniture. Be ready to compromise, but if something has sentimental value tell your partner about it. They'll be more willing to work around your accessories if they understand how you feel.

Consider also buying a few new accessories. Save money on décor by checking out sites such as Etsy and Fab. You can even find beautiful décor essentials for cheap at places like Target, H&M Home, and The Home Depot. Scour thrift stores for passed-down treasures. Alternatively, the two of you can get really creative and craft your own décor.

Talk About Your Personal Space Needs

You’re married, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated to share every square inch of your home all the time. Keep this in mind while you're decorating and try to incorporate a personal spacefor each of you. Perhaps your partner would like a little desk area where they can work on hobbies or finish work from the office. Maybe you would love a reading nook in the bedroom where you can escape from a noisy TV. Having this personal space also gives you a place to decorate however you want.

Finally, remember to have fun! Your décor will likely evolve over the years and nothing is set in stone. Decorating a home with your partner is a great opportunity to learn more about their tastes and interests. And, as you practice compromising and communicating, you'll strengthen your relationship.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Realtor Krispin Watson is the professional you need in your corner. Contact Krispin Watson today to learn more about how she can help you.

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