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Improve Your Resale Value Without Bottoming Out Your Bank Account

Guest post by Naomi Johnson

You don’t have to spend an entire paycheck to get the most out of your home when it’s time to move on. There are a number of inexpensive home improvements you can make to enhance your home’s curb appeal, all of which can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Be prepared to do a little work yourself but don’t be afraid to call a pro when it’s needed. And make sure you contact a skilled realtor in your area like Krispin Watsonwho can offer you market-specific tips and has the expertise necessary to sell your home.

Be a buyer

Before you get started, you should play a little game called “Be a Buyer.” It’s pretty simple, really. Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and put yourself in the buyer’s position. Make note of issues that take away from the overall appearance of your property. The missing paint on your deck stairs, for instance, may not bother you, but it’s a red flag to home seekers that the property hasn’t been properly kept up. Make small repairs, such as pounding in loose nails, filling small cracks in the walkway, and tightening up loose screws on the mailbox or playground equipment.

Look up

Your roof does more than protect you and your family from the elements. From a visual standpoint, the top of your home says a lot about its condition. Take the time to inspect your roof including the shingles, gutters, and fascia. If it’s in pretty good condition, grab the pressure washer and get cleaning. When repairs are needed, it may be best to contact a local roofing company. Things that look minor to you may be indicative of a larger problem. SFGate explains that home inspectors pay close attention to the roof, so it’s in your best interest to make sure that it’s in tip-top shape because a roof in disrepair could affect how much buyers are willing to spend on your home.  

Edges and hedges

One of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance your curb appeal is to grab the hedge shears and shape up the shrubbery. With a small investment, you can also install a border along the driveway and flowerbeds to give your home an elegant look. Popular Mechanics also suggests planting colorful flowers, which add a pop of color to an otherwise boring landscape. Your local hardware store or garden center should have a wide variety of plants and flowers that thrive in your region.

The pool rules

Your pool is a major selling point for your home, but only if it’s well-maintained. During the late fall, winter, and early spring, this means closing it down with the right chemicals, filters, and a properly-fitted cover. Regardless of the season, the pool and surrounding area should be kept clear of clutter and debris. You’ll also need to check for safety hazards to prevent a real estate showing from turning into an injury lawsuit.

Pristine and painted

Curb appeal should be a high priority since it’s your chance to give a first impression. A coat of paint on the shutters, mailbox, and front door will make things look clean. And while painting probably won’t increase the value of your home, the more you can do to underscore cleanliness, the faster your home will sell. And taking care of small projects, such as painting, will be one less thing your potential buyers have to do, which may help you get closer to your asking price.

The light is right

Buyers don’t always stick to daylight hours during their home search. For your after-hours viewers, make sure the exterior of your home is well-lit. Matching porch and pathway lights will add a sense of continuity and ensure things look great no matter the sun’s position.

When it’s time to put your home on the market, a little foresight will go a long way toward helping you reap the benefits of your investment. While there’s plenty you can do to the interior to make your home stand out, it is the exterior that creates the first impression. Make it count by taking care of simple maintenance and aesthetics issues that may be a turn off to buyers.

Are you ready to sell your Birmingham home? For an unparalleled experience, Krispin Watson is ready to help you get the best price! As a dedicated realtor, her clients ALWAYS come first. Reach out today to make an appointment!

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