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"Everyone Deserves a Hi & Goodbye" ft. Montevallo Mayoral Candidate Joyce Jones

Episode 33: In this episode, Montevallo, Alabama's mayoral candidate, Joyce Jones joins me live as she shares why she should be elected the next mayor of the city of Montevallo, AL.


Joyce Jones is a native of Montevallo. Currently, she lives in the Indian Highlands neighborhood with her husband of 20 years and high school sweetheart, Mr. Mike Jones, and her 4 “Joys”: MyShael, MyKailah, MyCaya, and Michael Jr.

Alongside her husband and pastor, Mike, she has served as pastor’s wife in ministry for the last seven years in both the Montevallo and Calera communities. She has also been a supportive parent and consistent community volunteer in Montevallo for over 18 years. Currently, Joyce is employed with University of Montevallo, where she has over 15 years of service to the University and UM community at large. Declining offers to pursue a career in corporate America, she decided to work in Montevallo while she raised her children and could remain actively involved in a loving community.  That decision helped develop and nurture her through her involvement with groups like PTO, Montevallo Athletic Clubs, The Arbor and Beautification Board, The Library Board, and The Historical Preservation Committee, in addition to being able to serve her family, neighbors, and friends throughout the day.

Being the youngest of eight children, Joyce learned that hard work alone was not enough. She and her siblings learned from instilled lessons by their parents that success would always result from unfailing efforts and collaboration with others. She has used that mantra to guide her actions and partnerships with others throughout her entire life and now seeks to use her experiences to help Montevallo continue its path to social equity and economic growth. She understands that these goals can only be reached if we continue to strive towards unifying our city in pursuit of them.

Joyce believes that Montevallo deserves a leader who will make city government all about YOU, the Citizens!  Together, she encourages us to focus on “Our Security, Our Communities, and Our Opportunities.” As we strive to bring further unity to our city and country, make your voice heard. “Make Joyce your Choice for ONE MONTEVALLO!” Vote Joyce Jones for Mayor!

MISSION STATEMENT Our Security, Our Opportunities, and Our Community "Unifying Montevallo to continue on a path toward social equity and economic growth." 1.       Prioritize Safety a.      Connect community leaders and law enforcement b.      Connect social resources at the community level 2.      Community Collaboration a.      Continue cross-community conversations b.      Foster collaboration between City boards/commissions and community leaders 3.      Enhance Opportunities a.      Encourage activities for youth development and service b.      Develop opportunities for community and citizen investments c.      Pursue options for growth and diversity in local businesses Montevallo deserves a leader who will make city government all about the citizens.  That is why together I want us to focus on our Security, our Communities, and our Opportunities.

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