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Know When NOT to Respond

In life, you will find that everything thrown at you does not deserve your thoughts and a response. Silence is golden when used in the right circumstance. People will say things to you with the intent to spark an argument or to get a negative response out of you. Don't fall for this trap. Stay on your throne. You must realize that NO response actually IS a response, and sometimes it is the BEST response you can give. 

When I was younger, I used to have a problem with talking back. I would always think that I would have to have the last word, or make sure that I got my point across. Once I got older, I realized that you do not always have to get the last word. Sometimes you just have to let people feel like they have won an argument in order to deflect a confrontation. Not everyone will think like you, nor with they agree with your thought process, but it is not your job to get everyone on the same page as you. 

Sometimes you have to let people think and believe what they want to believe in order to live a more peaceful life.

People will lie on you in order to make you look bad (or whatever their motive is), but you as an adult have to learn to let things go and allow people to believe what they want to believe. At the end of the day, the truth will always prevail. God will not let those that love him be forsaken. When people do things to discredit your reputation, just count that as the devil being intimidated by your purpose and potential.

The devil does not attack the character of those that are doing wrong. He tries to dismember those that are living right. Keep doing you, and keep turning your ear to nonsense. Ignorance is bliss and does not deserve a reaction out of you. View your words as sacred. It should be a privilege for people to correspond with you. You are too elite to go back and forth with people, especially in defense of something you know is not true. At the end of the day, God will make your enemies your footstool, and will bless you in the sight of those that persecuted you. 



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