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Release Burdens That Don’t Belong to You

So often, we are a shoulder for others to cry on. That’s great. The Bible speaks on being there for your brothers and sisters. At what point do we stop taking on the burden of other people’s problems? Well, the short answer is when their problems start to become a problem of our own.

Stop overwhelming yourself with issues that don’t concern you.

I’m not saying to give up on a person and not listen, but you have to be able to protect yourself in the midst of their troubles. People will burden you rather than seeking the help and guidance they really need to get better. Stop letting people take advantage of your time. Be kind, but also be cautious.

People will use you as a healing crutch, and as soon as they get better, they will forget everything you’ve ever done for them. By this point, you’re mentally and physically drained because you have taken on their worries, and now they aren’t worried about you.

Protect your mind and your peace.

Know when to say no. Know when to tell a person to talk to God. Know when to suggest that they seek professional help. Stop enabling people by listening to the same rhetoric over and over again as they seek temporary validation through your words instead of seeking permanent healing from within.

Don’t turn your back, but also don’t stress yourself out. You have enough on your plate. You have your own life. You are in charge of your own happiness.

Stop feeling guilty for wanting better for yourself. The world is busy destroying itself, therefore, steer clear of anything that will lead to your own self-destruction. If you don’t protect your mental state, no one else will.

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