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Self-Care and Sightseeing in One Trip – Best Cities to Recharge

Guest post by Derek Goodman

Self-care doesn’t just mean relaxing at home in a bathtub with a glass of wine. Sometimes it means sightseeing in some of the most beautiful, relaxing cities in the world. Let’s break down five of the best cities to recharge and reset yourself before 2022 gets into full swing.


Santorini is an ideal place to practice self-care if you’re an outdoor, adventurous type. Here, you’ll find a group of islands perfect for sailing, beach walking, and sipping wine on a sailboat or at one of the many resorts that dot the area. There are also plenty of historical things to check out if you enjoy that vacation activity.


Amsterdam is a beautiful and cultured city with gorgeous museums, winding roads, iconic and elegant homes, and downright Bohemia neighborhoods that make for a unique aesthetic. It also has phenomenal restaurants and beer breweries, plus smoke shops if your form of self-care involves indulging in things that aren’t so easy to get in the US!

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Or you could try Birmingham, a city known for its unique culture, musical offerings, and delicious food. When you visit Birmingham for a self-care vacation, you’ll find plenty of great things to eat and plenty of neat things to check out or listen to. Plus, it may not be as far away from your home as some of the other destinations on this list. You may even find it a great place to start a business!


Maybe you'd prefer to visit Rome, an iconic city known for its history, delicious food, and excellent atmosphere. It's a comfortable place to visit all year round thanks to its Mediterranean climate, it also offers scenic streets, museums and historical icons, and some of the best wineries in the world (complete with wine tours, of course).


Why not try Seattle for a self-care vacation? With over 100 annual festivals, plenty of ecological diversity for hikes in rain forests, mountains, and more, there’s something for everyone whether you like to mingle with people or spend some time enjoying nature solo. Seattle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

You can’t go wrong with a stay in a well-appointed Seattle vacation rental. However, Seattle is so popular you may decide to extend your self-care vacation permanently. If that’s the case, use online property listing sites to find long-term apartment rentals in Seattle or even a home to be purchased. You can narrow down your options by price, amenities, number of bedrooms, and more.

Stay at Home and Enjoy Self-Care

All that said, you can still enjoy self-care near home by checking out a vacation rental or resort in your area. Use a vacation rental site to find a resort or hotel that seems fun and offers excellent amenities. That way, you can still feel like you are getting away from your home without spending too much on travel arrangements.

No matter which of these cities you visit, odds are vacation to any of them will leave you feeling better than ever and pleased that you took care of yourself with some time away from it all. Don’t forget to look into home buying options for your favorite – you might decide to move to one of these cities permanently in a few years! And if Birmingham has caught your eye, schedule a free consultation with Krispin today!

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