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First Take Care of Yourself — Self-care Techniques

This saying is so cliche, but it’s the truth!

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I’ve learned to stop questioning God about the bad things that occur in life and in the world, and just thank Him in the midst of it all (whether I like it or not).

Although you may not understand why something is happening the way that it is, know that God is always working in your favor behind the scene. You have to trust and believe in Him, for He won’t let you fall. It’s all about trust through.

This world and the people in it will have you going stone crazy if you put your focus and trust into individuals instead of the one who really loves and cares for you. Focus on the one that really matters (the One you’ll have to answer to on judgment day— God), and watch things fall into place.

I am personally guilty of putting energy towards the mediocrity that tends to surround me. I think it’s because of two things — I’ve had the wrong people around me, and I have had an extreme amount of extra time on my hands, but that has all changed.

Your girl [me] is back focused!

I’m hoping you all will join this journey and get back focused with me. I know 2020 has been crazy, but let’s talk about one particular technique we can practice to make sure we are utilizing our time wisely.

This week, we are focusing on self-care techniques. If YOU aren’t taking care of you, how can you become beneficial and resourceful to the ones that need the service or support you have to offer.

Take the rest of this month to practice some of our self-care techniques listed below in our Self-Care Bingo! Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.

I can’t stress this enough — your mental health is so important to your everyday wellness. Sometimes we can get so caught up and stuck in “go-mode” to where we forget that our bodies and mind need attention and service too.

Drop a habit that is not for you, or take time to tame negative thoughts. How you feel starts from within.

The same way your car needs maintenance, so does your mind and body.

This week, let’s work towards getting ourselves in the best shape possibly — spirituality, mentally, and physically.

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