Enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual luxuries in life. 

So Lux Life was designed to help you along the journey of being happy and content with your authentic self.


Driven from a place of ambition, SLL wants to help you embrace certain areas of your life and help you redesign your brand to help you break those mental barriers that are stopping you from elevating to that next level.

Hi  there!


I created So Lux Life to be an outreach to people around the world that share similarities through their situations. 

I believe that we all can learn from one another. I am here to help you enhance your thinking skills, bring your ideas to life, and utilize difficult situations to drive you towards your end goal. 

I am happy to provide you with:

- A judgement free environment to learn and reconstruct.

- Resources for developing connections outside of your current network.

- Tips to help you find your purpose and how to make it profitable.

- Direction on how to navigate your way though difficult conversations and uncomfortable situations. 

- Private accountability coaching.

- A weekly podcast.

- Blog



Let us help you take your brand to the next level.


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Invest in your selfcare to promote elevation.

I am passionate about sharing my truth. My journey started when I learned to focus, commit, and invest in myself. 

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