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15 Products and Tips for Doing Your Everyday Makeup

Your everyday makeup routine doesn’t have to be an hour long in duration, nor does it have to be hefty on your pockets. We all know makeup can get expensive - especially when you’re spending almost $40 on foundation and $50 on eyeshadow palettes.

I’ve picked some of my favorite drugstore products that I use on a daily basis for my everyday makeup routine. These items can compare to high end products and work simultaneously to achieve that beautiful ”everyday” makeup look.

I use both of these foundations and have even found myself even mixing the two from time to time.

The Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline comes in both a dewy and matte formula. If you have oily skin, use the matte formula and if you have dry skin, you definitely want to go with the dewy. If you are neither, have fun and pick which look you want to go for!

I like the applicator on both of these products. If I just had to choose, I still couldn’t!

You may not find the L.A. Girls concealer in a drug store, but it is in almost every beauty supply store. It’s daily cheap and retails for about $5 bucks in my area.

The Covergirl Micro-Fine+ Define Brow Pencil is the best mechanical brow pencil that I’ve used from a drugstore. I have tried others, but they don’t compare to this bad boy.

Beauty blenders can be found anywhere, but are a must-have because of it’s blending capabilities. I’ve recently found really good beauty blenders from Dollar Tree. Can you believe it?! I always grab at least five just to keep in my kit (not necessary, but totally necessary). These suckers can get up there in price and are sometimes hard to find.