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 "Shattered: The 7 Week Guided Healing Journal" is an accompying jounal to the book, "Shattered  Vows: Turn Relationship Pain into God's Purpose For Your Life" is a 3-part process to turn your pain into purpose. "


The "Shattered" healing journal is a dedicated space for spiritual introspection, self-reflection, and emotional processing.


Within its pages, individuals document their thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they navigate through challenging moments, aiming to cultivate healing, resilience, and growth.


It serves as a safe haven for expressing emotions, exploring insights, setting intentions, practicing gratitude, and tracking progress on the journey towards personal well-being and inner peace.


With scriptures from the Bible, this healing journal encourages self-care practices, provides a platform for self-discovery, and becomes a cherished companion in the pursuit of healing and holistic wellness.


Best purchased with "Shattered Vows: Turn Relationship Pain into God's Purpose For Your Life".



Shattered: The 7-Week Guided Healing Journal

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