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5 Tips on How to Succeed in 2018

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Whenever there is a new year, everyone goes about making resolutions in hopes that if they stick to them, they will have a more successful year. I am here to tell you to stop. Stop making these resolutions you and I both know won't make it past February. What you CAN do, is meditate on these tips on how to succeed in 2018 for a more prosperous year so you do not feel bad about not sticking to a "resolution".

1. Keep God First in Everything You Set Your Mind To

Whatever plans you want to achieve in the year of 2018, give them over to God and ask for guidance. Ask Him if this is what He really wants you to give your time and attention to this year. God has given each of us a gift and He wants us to use these gifts in order to help grow His kingdom. If what you are doing has no purpose or meaning, it will not give you the satisfaction that you think it will.

2. Have Self-Confidence

You should be your biggest fan. Don't sit around and wait for other people to cheer you on. One thing about people, they can be wishy washy, meaning that one day they will be for you and the next day, they will be against you. One thing about yourself is that you are in control. You have the authority to tell yourself every single day that you can do it, you're got this, and nothing is going to stop you.

3. Stay Consistent

If you have a goal you want to achieve, you cannot start and stop and start and stop and start and stop. You have to start and keep going. Push yourself everyday to do something to help you achieve your goal. Your business is not going to run itself, that book is not going to write it self, those basketball skills are not going to enhance without you putting in the work to get to the goal you are trying to achieve. Inconsistency is a lot of entrepreneurs' downfall because they constantly stop in the middle of projects and don't finish them.

4. Be Humble

One thing we all need to do, no matter who you are, is sit down, and be humble. God is not going to bless mess. Pride is a nasty attribute that will knock you down quicker than anything else can. We must learn to humble ourselves and realize that we are no greater than the next. We have to humble ourselves so that we may appreciate the things we achieve when we receive them. The blessing will mean so much more when we take a look at where we came from to get it.

5. Remain Positive

Positivity is the absolute most important trait we must possess in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and reach our goals. We have to make it a habit to surround ourselves with positive people so that their energy coincides with ours. If you are hanging around people that are always complaining or always speaking negatively and down on others, you need to separate yourself so that you can protect your peace. You are who you hang around. You may think that you can still be around these people and maintain a positive spirit, but energy carries, and negative energy is heavy and easily transferred.



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