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Adjust Your Crown, Sis!

So, this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel for a women empowerment event called HERstory: Adjusting Your Crown. This event was a sip and shop mixer with a panel discussion to discuss various topics such as motherhood, mental health, and women encouraging other women.

Sometimes we get lost in our own lives and forget that we are a part of a sisterhood that shares an unbreakable bond. Instead of tearing one another down, we need to focus on building one another up.

We often times let minor issues and disagreements get in the way of forming lasting relationships with other women.

We let men tear us apart and come between us, or we fall out, and are never quick to forgive our fellow sister.

This is what we have to stop doing so we can be a force in society today. Women are powerful beings, and that is known. There is a war on women today, which is the main reason why we need to stick together, and not be in competition with one another.

There are billions of people in this world, so if someone is wanting to do the same thing you are doing, lift her up. Help her out. Share with her some of the knowledge you've gained along the way instead of feeling intimidated at the fact that she may become better than you.

What's for you is for YOU, so helping someone else out won't do you any harm.

We let our jealous spirits and insecurities make us believe that we are working against one another instead of working together to get to a higher lever. The connections you can make with another woman in this world can be life changing. She can teach you what she knows, and you can teach her what you know.

It's not always a competition.

The only competition you should be competing in is the competition within yourselves. You should be your biggest opponent. You should challenge yourself to be better than you currently are in different areas of your life.

Don't ever let another human being make you feel inferior, especially another woman. We are all sisters and share a bond in some shape, form, or fashion.

Let's continue to lift one another and push each other towards the finish line instead of being a crab in a barrel that is pulling the next person down instead of helping them get to the top.

Full Video from HERstory: Adjusting Your Crown

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