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"No Prayer, No Power" ft. Amber Morson

Episode 32: In this episode, Amber Morson joins me live and takes me on her journey to becoming an author, business owner, entrepreneur and writer for the YouVersion Bible App.

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Learn more about Amber below:


I help clients build their faith, see the vision, and take action to make it happen.  I am a facilitator of success who believes that with faith, vision, and action anything is possible. I am an ambitious follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about helping you be all God destined you to be through faith-based life coaching, business consulting and book publishing.

The goal is simple: Defy Doubt. As a coach, my job is to help you believe in your dreams enough to reach for them.  My ideal client is who I once was; timid, overwhelmed, anxious, and silent, yet ready for more. I was an introvert forcing myself to be an extrovert because I thought I had to become something more than what God made me, in order to be successful. Today, I help clients push past all their insecurities and excuses by providing them with tangible strategies to execute life with everything already inside them. 


  • I am a self-published author! My first book is a 365-day prayer book entitled; No Prayer, No Power!

  • I enjoy speaking on topics related to christian living, self-care, college access and career development. 

  • I am a content writer for the Bible App and my plans engaged 100,000+ readers in the first year. 

  • I have a B.A in Psychology from Michigan State University and my Master in Social Work from the University of Michigan. 

  • I was recognized as the 38th woman you should know in Saving Her Elegance “100 Women You Should Know” national campaign.

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