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Back to School with Kohl's and Scout Bags

I can NOT believe I have a Kindergartner!!! Like seriously, I feel like I'm experiencing an outer body moment lol. The five years since she was born has flown by and I'm super excited because now I get to experience being a mom with a kid in grade school.

I signed up for the PTO, signed up to chaperone field trips and bought my chaperone t-shirt, I mean the whole nine. This chapter is a brand new one for the both of us because there is so much that I am involved in along with her being in school.

Prior to the school year beginning, there was sooooooo much that had to be done. Registering her for school, making sure her shots were up to date, buying school supplies, school clothes, setting up aftercare, etc. There was a lot to do, but a few things made everything much easier.

One thing that was super easy and affordable, was shopping for school clothes. My sister took her shopping when she went to visit her this summer, but I got a few last minute outfits at my local Kohl's. I never knew how affordable Kohl's was until I went in there to browse one day.

I found this outfit (top and bottoms included) for only $12. I had $10 in Kohl's Cash, so my total only ended up being $2.18. Talk about a bargain!! What's so great about it, is that I can pair each of these items with other pieces to make multiple outfits.

Aside from clothes, an essential item all kids are able to use year round is a lunch box. You kid may eat in the cafeteria, and if they do, they will still need a good lunch box for their snack.

I got this super cute doggie bag style lunchbox from They have the most adorable lunch boxes in so many different colors and designs. I chose the color pink for Kamea since that is her favorite color. They have many different styles and from now until 8/31/18, you can receive 10% off your order of $50 by using code "SCOUTINGFORSCHOOL".

So, a cute outfit and a cute lunchbox is all a girl needs to conques grade K! Now we can focus on learning since the small details are out of the way!

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