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Building Trust in Relationships

Trust in relationships should be earned, not given. Stop feeling like you can trust a person just because you enjoy being around them.

It takes years to build trust, but only moments to destroy it.

We tend to shy away from difficult conversations to avoid difference of opinions, but establishing boundaries is the first step towards building trust. Things go haywire when people are not on the same page. You and your partner should first find common ground early in the relationship regarding what is acceptable, and what is not. Lack of communication equals confusion, which will eventually lead to disruptive behavior.

Take your time to actually get to know a person, learn their flaws, learn where they lack, and learn how they react when upset before deciding that you fully trust them. Stop giving your trust away so easily, because at the end of the day, no one really owes you anything.

Trusting someone does not only means you trust them not to cheat on you. It’s deeper than that. You have to build trust on different levels. Can you trust your partner not to say hurtful things to you then turn around and say they didn’t mean it? Can you trust your partner to build you up mentally, emotionally, and financially? Can you trust that your partner will always carry themselves in a respectful matter even when you’re not around?

It’s levels to this thing called trust.

Hurt often comes from expectations that we develop in our minds. Be more cautious about how you move, and what you allow. Take your time, and build your trust.


Krispin 💘

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