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Business Coach Teaches Us To Hustle Less, Learn More, and Live Better

Episode 30: Listen in as business coach, Hannah Oertel, takes us on her journey and coaches us on how to run a successful businesses.

Hannah is a business coach who specialises in helping online entrepreneurs get the lifestyle they want by building a business that supports it.

She teaches entrepreneurs to hustle less, earn more and live better. Hannah is a Strategic Intervention Coach, Solution focused therapist, NLP Practitioner and Business Coach.

Hannah has now worked with entrepreneurs all over the globe, helping them build profitable businesses without losing their integrity or time with people they love. She runs a free Facebook group, The Authentic Entrepreneurs for women who want support, collaborations and a place to shout about their businesses.

When Hannah’s not in boss mode, she loves driving her old convertible around her chilly city. She pops the heating on and wraps her windswept children in blankets. She also likes to use the same blankets for year-round picnics in the Scottish countryside. Hannah lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and two daughters.

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