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Clearing Up Common Myths About Plan B One-Step

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

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Myth #1 - The Plan B One-Step pill causes you to have an abortion.

Many people have the misconception that when they take an emergency contraceptive, they are causing their body to have an abortion. This is absolutely FALSE. After unprotected sex, sperm can float around in the fallopian tubes for days waiting for an egg to appear. If no egg appears, there is no chance for you to get pregnant, which in turn means there is no way that this pill can cause you to have an abortion. Because Plan B works by preventing or delaying ovulation, which is when the egg releases from the ovaries. There is a such thing as medical abortion pills which can only be provided by a doctor, but Plan B is definitely not an abortion pill. It is an emergency contraceptive that helps prevent pregnancy before it begins.

Myth #2 - If I take a Plan B pill today, I can still have unprotected sex for the next 3 days and not get pregnant

Oh ye of little knowledge! If you believed this myth to be truth, I am glad that you are reading this blog post. Plan-B works best if taken within 72 hours after you've had one act of unprotected sex (or a birth control failure). When taken properly, Plan B One-Step can help reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 87%. The sooner you take the pill after unprotected sex, the better. You cannot take the pill in advance and use it as a form of everyday birth control. That is not how it works. Just because you take a Plan B today, do not use that as an excuse to have unprotected sex tomorrow, because the pill is most effective when taken AFTER one instance of unprotected sex. You should use a regular form of contraception if you want to avoid pregnancy.

Myth #3 - Plan B causes you to become infertile.

This is 100% NOT TRUE. There is no scientific evidence that taking an emergency contraceptive such as Plan B will affect your future fertility. The emergency contraceptive Plan B helps to prevent 7 out of 8 pregnancies that might have occurred due to unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. However, just because there is no evidence that it may cause infertility, it does not mean you should take this pill every other day to prevent pregnancy. If you find yourself taking an emergency contraceptive regularly, you should definitively speak with your healthcare provider about a regular form of birth control.

Myth #4 - Alcohol and drugs causes Plan B not to work, so there is no use in taking it after I've been drinking the night I've had sex.

No matter how hard you partied the night before, the effectiveness of the Plan B One-Step pill is not altered. It is better to take the pill than to risk an unwanted pregnancy due to poor judgement while under the influence. Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol will not stop the Plan B pill from doing what it is designed to do, which is prevent against pregnancy due to unprotected sex. Importantly, if you get sick within 2 hours after taking the Plan B pill, you have to call a healthcare professional to find out if you should repeat the dose. So if you are planning to party hardy, make sure to use your regular birth control.

Myth #5 - You have to be 18 to purchase Plan B and/or you need a prescription from your doctor.

This is absolutely false. There is neither an age restriction to purchase Plan B One-Step, nor is there an ID requirement. The pill is available over the counter and can usually be found on the family planning aisle of most retail stores, including Walmart. You can also use this $10 off coupon!

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