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“Does He Know You Have a Kid?”, She Asked Trying To Tear Me Down

Protect your peace and mental well-being at all costs. Over the years, and especially since turning 30, I’ve grown to choose my battles wisely. I’ve become good at distancing myself from people that disrupt the peace in my spirit, in my life, in my kid’s lives, or try to challenge who I am as a person.

I was once telling someone close to me about a guy that wanted to take me on a date. Their first response to me was not one of them being happy and excited for me but, “DOES HE KNOW YOU HAVE A KID?”. I couldn’t believe it, but then again I could seeing who it was coming from.

Watch later—Being a Single Mom

This told me a few things...first, it told me that this person apparently looked down on me for having a kid. It was hurtful. Secondly, it told me that they felt that I should be ashamed to tell a man that wanted to date me that I was a mother... I would never do that because my kids make me who I am. Thirdly, it told me that if they were in my position, having a kid would be something they would have hidden or failed to disclose for the likes and security of a man.

True enough, it did bother me that they said that, but I’ve grown to see people for who they really are just by the conversations we have. People have no problem with showing you who they are—especially when you’re on a track of righteousness and bettering yourself. Don’t worry...that’s when the devil really brings the haters out. God will reveal those that are not genuinely happy for you in due time.

Humans will constantly try to bring up your past, or things you’ve done, said, or posted only to discredit who you are today. The gag is, it’s really a character flaw within THEM...not you! People don’t want to see the good in others when they are battling insecurities that only they know about and eating them up on the inside.

Pray for these individuals.

Instead of trying to fix whatever they need to work on with themselves, they try to tear the next person down. They try to make you feel unworthy or undeserving but that’s a lie! You are worthy of everything God has for you. Forget what a hater has to say. Forget what you’ve done in the past. Once you’ve repented and given it over to Christ, it’s DONE, so don’t let anyone try to throw anything you’ve been through in the past in your face.

If they aren’t financing and feeding you, don’t you dare spend another moment worrying about how they feel towards you. Get into the mindset of not caring about the misconceptions that others have about you. Worry about your future, the people you are going to help, and the goodness you’ve already put into the atmosphere.

If people want to leave your life, LET THEM.

If people want to unfriend and block you, LET THEM. If people want to stop liking your post, LET THEM. Who freaking cares?! That’s probably the closure and healing they need to deal with being on the outside looking in on all the blessings that are chasing you down right now.

It’s a new month. Today is a new day. You are going to win in this season!

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