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Evian Facial Spray | Summer Essential

When it comes to a product that will keep my skin looking fresh AND stop me from sweating, I am all for it.

I recently partnered with Evian to try their hydrating facial spray and it has me SHOOK!!! This spray rinses away breakout-causing sweat, replenishes skin’s essential hydration, and keeps makeup looking fresh even on the hottest days according to the product description, and that is absolutely what it does. You can use this before going to the gym, while you are at the pool, or as hydrating formula to revive your makeup on those hot summer days!

If you are from the south like me, you know that it can get PIPING HOT, especially during the peak of summer.

Right now the heat index is at least 100 degrees and you are guaranteed to break a sweat just from walking to the mailbox and back inside the house. When I tried this spray, I was skeptical, because I thought that there was no way that a "spray" could stop me from sweating, but it does! It's like a magic spray that causes you not to breakout in sweat on your face. I'm wondering if Evian could make this in a body spray as well lol. Go to to shop this product, and come back and tell me how you like it!

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