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COVID-19 from a MD’s Perspective | “My Road to You...” ft. Dr. Gabriel Rezonzew

Episode 26

Born in Medellin, Colombia, in 1960, into a family of Jewish immigrants, raised in a tight knit community in South America, Dr. Gabriel Rezonzew immigrated to Michigan where he completed his pre-med studies at Wayne State University.

After returning to his native country, he continued his medical training, graduating as Médico y Cirujano at Universidad de Antioquia. He practiced family and nutritional medicine for 15 years. Simultaneously, he became a successful facilitator for personal growth seminars.

In the United States, Dr. Rezonzew's practice has been exclusively focused on medical research making significant contributions in the fields of pathology, nephrology, and pediatrics.

“My Road to You: Reflections From a Life Well Lived Inspired by the lessons learned from the never-ending journey of a baal teshuvah“ by Gabriel Rezonze, MD is available on Amazon.

My Road to You is an inspirational story that begins in Colombia, South America, and will take you through the riveting struggles of surviving the cartel's drug wars, the challenges of immigrating to America, and the tests of becoming a baal teshuvah (observant) in a small Jewish community in the southern United States. Read about the pains of divorce, failures, deep betrayal, and eventual triumph through fascinating real-life stories narrated under the positive framework of lessons learned as they connect with the eternal wisdom of the Torah, the Jewish Bible. Be inspired and touched as you learn the inner workings of cultural clashes and their effects on a life well-lived!

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