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How Rebranding Helped to Increase My Income

When people look at your social media or your blog, the first thing they see is what they typically judge your entire platform off of.

Prior to me rebranding my social media, I had all kinds of things on there. From petty memes aimed to throw shade that me and my friends found funny, to ratchet lip syncing videos in my car, I had to step back and realize that my presence on social media could turn into some big bucks for me. I had to get it together. Instagram consisted of everything from makeup videos, margaritas I liked to drink, to clothes I was selling online. All of what was posted on my social media represented a part of me and things that I liked, but once I started to take blogging seriously, I realized that I had to rebrand myself on social media to unveil a more professional appearance.

Notice the difference in the overall appearance of both of my newsfeeds

Instagram is one of the easiest ways to reach out to brands and get noticed by brands, so if they see you on there acting foolish, they will not want to work with you. I'm just being honest. Companies like to work with bloggers and influencers that will be a good representation to their brand.

You should aim to be very positive, and less political when it comes to your social media posts.

I am not saying to not have an opinion, but you do not want to offend a potential client with voicing your opinion towards a sensitive matter on a social media network that you want to use as your platform.

The first thing I did to clean up my social appearance, was book a session with my branding coach, Captured by Coriss, here. She helped me to revamp my site from what it originally was, which was all over the place, to where it is now. We did branding photo shoots, one-on-one consulting sessions about the images I post, and the color scheme I wanted to go with. She also gave me insight on blog ideas, along with helping me to figure out the audience I was trying to reach, what I was going to focus on, and different ways to attract my audience.

The amazing thing about Coriss is that she works with not only bloggers, but different business owners to rebrand themselves as professionals and businesses. I have grown my following to over 15k because I now know what to post and what not to post. I also know how to word posts to gain active engagement. If you are looking to start a business or blog, I highly recommend investing in yourself buy hiring a branding coach. I'm even nice enough to let you guys use mine! Contact her here!

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