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How to Start Your Green Business

Guest post by Lance Cody-Valdez

You've decided to take the plunge into the business world, but you might be a little apprehensive about how to get started, especially since you want to make your new company as green, or environmentally friendly, as possible. Read on for a ‘greenprint’ to help you get started and inspire you to dive into ecopreneurship and build the best sustainable business you can.

Defining a Green Business

Your first step is understanding the nature of a green business. It's a company that's conscious of environmental issues and strives to be eco-friendly in its operations. This means minimizing energy consumption and waste, being as efficient as possible, using sustainable materials, using green equipment, working with other green businesses, and following environmental laws and regulations. As the owner of a green business, you'll do your best to minimize your impact on the environment even as you serve your customers.

Considering Start-up Requirements

There is plenty to consider with regard to starting your green business. As with any business, you should research the legal requirements and tax rules. You must also build a business plan, complete with a start-up budget. Be aware, though, that your start-up costs might be higher with a green business. As an ecopreneur, you'll have to do research about production adjustments, suppliers, and applicable laws and regulations. Start the process early, before you quit your current job, so you'll know if your potential company will be viable.

Finding Inspiration

As you plan for your green business, you may sometimes feel rather overwhelmed. At that point, you can find inspiration in ecopreneurs who are already successful. Look, for example, at Andy Keller of ChicoBag who was so concerned about grocery bag waste that he made a bag monster costume for himself to raise awareness even as he started his own company to produce reusable grocery bags. Also, read about Kristy Allen of The Beez Kneez who has built up a green beekeeping business to try to save the honey bees and market their honey. Read about these ecopreneurs, get inspired, and then continue along your own journey toward green business ownership.

Making a Commitment

At some point along the way, you'll need to make a firm commitment to your business and its eco-friendly organization and operations. This is critical because you'll encounter hardships, and if you aren't solid in your goals, then you run the risk of business failure.

Marketing Your Company

When you've made your commitment and all your preparations, it's time to take the plunge and start up your new green business in Calera, AL. You'll also have to introduce that business to your potential customers. Build a website, of course, and set up social media pages. But don't ignore the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods. Print up some business cards, for instance, because cards can be a tangible reminder for your customers. There are plenty of pre-made templatesthat you can customize to create business cards for your company.

Being Green in Business

You can succeed as an ecopreneur in your green business if you develop a plan, find inspiration, and make a firm commitment.

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