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No. 1 Reason to Stop Being Petty

We all have it in us. You know... that petty spirit. We can do, say, post, and repost things that we know are downright P-E-T-T-Y, slick funny, but typically aimed at another person and/or their situation.

I had to make up in my mind whether I wanted to be professional, or petty.

Professionalism will take me places in life that being petty never would.

I know it's funny, and when we are on social media it's all laughter and games, but we have to look at the bigger picture.

Now, have I stopped being petty completely? Absolutely not, but I am learning how to control and channel it. I have to remember that the things I put out there for the world to see are a reflection of me and my character.

When we let our pettiness take over, we display the character flaws that we sometimes don't realize exist. Nine times out of ten, we have absolutely no rhyme or reason to be petty and messy, but it happens.

Maybe boredom is the cause, or we still have immature ways, but either way it goes, we have to decide if we want to be entertaining or influential.

Think about this - what do you get out of being messy towards people? A good laugh, perhaps? But at what point do you realize that being "funny" will get you absolutely nowhere in life unless your goal is to be a stand up comedian.

I'm just saying...

It is time to cut out our mess, and focus on what is important out here. Life is too short and way too precious to waste on bad vibes, conflict, and tension.

Being sneaky and playing with people won't get you to where you want to be in life unless your goal is to be miserable and insecure, because that is where it stems from - misery and insecurity.

Everyone has a bit of insecurity in them, but it is about learning how to control it.

We must learn how to prioritize our lives so that we are giving our time and attention to the things that will be beneficial to our future. Being petty and messy isn't the way to go, especially if you see yourself in a different place other than where you are today.

Stay blessed and out of mess. Learn to stop and think before you act, comment, post, like, laugh, or whatever it is that will cause you to cross that line into being petty. There is so much for you out there, and you are bigger than doing and saying things that are aimed to make the next person feel a certain way.


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