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Let's Talk Relationship Standards

I get so sick and tired of seeing quality people stay in destructive relationships or marriages just to say they have someone. People... listen to me, it is OKAY to be by yourself until you get what you truly deserve. I have seen women go through hell and highwater with a man, JUST because they did not want to see him with another woman. Jealous much?

Sis, wake up and know your worth. If that man is not building you up, motivating you, pushing you to be the best version of yourself, and believing in your dreams, then let it go. So many times, women will lower their standards just to have the satisfaction of company. No one should EVER stick around through infidelity, abuse (all types), and unhappiness.

Did you know that someone that truly wants to be with you will go out of their way to do so? Did you know that a man that really loves you and cares about your wellbeing will never, and I mean NEVER, put you in a position to argue with another woman about your place in his life. Is so sad to see women in altercations over a man, but if the roles were reversed, he would not lift a finger to fight another guy over them. Stay WOKE!

Standards. We have to learn to set some standards and actually stick to them. If you set standards for what you are looking for in a person and you meet someone that lacks a few of those standards, then that's just not the person for you. You shouldn't have to dumb yourself down, or walk on eggshells just to maintain a situation. Setting standards is easy, but the hard part is sticking to them.

We have to learn to get past looks and look at what's on the inside, what they have to offer, their background, mindset, and beliefs. You need to figure out what you want in a person and hold yourself accountable when it comes to dating and entertaining. I have known particular women that just could not be alone. They always had to have a man to connect with, and just really had a problem with being single.

It is so important to take some time to evaluate your self identity between relationships. Some people like to quickly jump from relationship to relationship, or from bed to bed (umph), and they do this because there is something missing on the inside. What's missing? Self-love and self-respect. Take some time to love yourself, treat yourself, take yourself out and make sure you are fully healed and over your past situation before jumping into something else.

If you are wondering why you can't keep a man, or lady - this is it. You are too all over the place, don't know what you want, and hurt. Hurt people HURT people because they are hurt and want to bring others to their level. With all that being said, set some standards, don't lower them for ANYONE, and be patient. There is a person out there for everyone.


If you missed my latest YouTube Video "Being a Single Parent - Motivational Video", check it out below!

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