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How a Victim of Sexual Misconduct Discovered His Purpose

Meet Robert Pascul from Grenada, MS. Robert is an Ole Miss Graduate majored in Criminal Justice with an English Minor. He completed an internship with Attorney Carlos Moore of The Cochran Firm - Grenada. He is currently employed in the Grenada School District as an AmeriCorps Member. Prior to this position, Robert had the privilege to work with children with mental illnesses at Life Help Mental Health Center.

Recently, Robert found his voice and purpose and became a spokesman for Sexual Assault Awareness. At the age of fourteen, Robert was a victim of sexual misconduct by a friend of my mother who was a pastor and a teacher and also a man.

”I’m more than a victim, I’m a survivor,” says Pascul, “I survived depression & anxiety. Thank God for reminding me that I am a MAN and his child.“

To bring awareness to sexual assault and provide resources, Robert will be launching his very own Non-Profit Organization entitled Identity Theft. Identity Theft will not just bring awareness to sexual assault, it will also help people find their true identities in Christ and assure victims that they are not alone, and God is always with them!

Listen in as Robert share's his amazing story with us.

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