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Single Mom Shares How Moving Helped Her & Her Business Grow ft. Liz Williams

Listen in as Liz Williams, of EZ Fashion, shares her journey of becoming a business owner despite the hardships that were placed ahead of her.

Meet Liz...

"I can’t speak for all mothers, but personally I work very hard to set an example for my children. I’m 30 years old, 5 kids, Master’s degree, worked a corporate job, single, and been a entrepreneur since 2014. I’m not bragging on myself, I just want to motivate women who have children and let you know you’re made to be a boss. Even if you do not feel like you can be a boss, we all have goals to be something.

People mostly ask, how do I do it? By setting goals. At some point of my life, I had to decide what I wanted. After many failed relationships sharing years with my children father’s put me in the state of Texas. It wasn’t until 2019, when I decided to start a YouTube channel and blog about my thoughts. I had my 5th child after I moved to Texas and was working a good job making good money with great benefits but I had to walk away to be a full-time mom. How? When you are the only parent in the house? It wasn’t easy but I can’t say it wasn’t hard either. " - Liz Williams

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