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Testimony - Cancer Scare

Last year, I went to the doctor and had some tests ran. I get a call saying that my lab results showed that I had precancerous cells that were developing at a rapid rate. They were developing into cancer cells at a rate to where if I didn’t have surgery to remove the cells, they would definitely spread, and turn into cancer within the next 5-10 years.

I scheduled the surgery and had surgery two weeks later. This happened in October. This surgery was suppose to remove all of the precancerous cells and send them off to the lab to “confirm” the results of them being precancerous.

The lab results come back, and my doctor calls me to her office. We’re in there and she is looking at her iPad with her mouth wide open, and of course, I’m thinking this was going to be bad.


She looked at me and said, “In all of my years of medical practice and all throughout medical school, I have never seen anything like this....the cells we sent to the lab to confirm as precancerous came back as having no trace of cancer at all.”

I asked if maybe they healed because of me changing my diet or something, and she said that it is not scientifically possible for cells to change that fast, from the first time they tested them until now.

I personally give all the credit to God.

He healed me and shielded me from what was to come. Naturally, when people hear anything pertaining to cancer, they freak out, but I didn’t. I had a calm over me that I cannot explain.

I knew from the beginning that God was going to heal me and not allow me to suffer.

This has been my prayer, and God performed a miracle in my life.

Lately, I have really been feeling the love from those around me, and have been extremely blessed. God keeps going above and beyond and doing the unexpected for me and my children.

To anyone that feels like ever giving up or has received bad news, please know that if you have faith, there is no need to worry. God will step in on time every time, so don’t get discouraged and never give in.

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