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The Business Side of Blogging

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Learning the tricks of the trade in the blogging industry can be quite frustrating if you have no guidance. When I decided to give up owning my own store to becoming a professional writer, I had no idea about how much I actually didn't know when it came to the blogging business.

I mentioned in my previous article exactly why I gave up my store for my blog, and if you missed it, you can check it out here. Today I want to focus on steps to take to make your business professional and legit. Many people view blogging as a hobby, which for me it partially is, but it is also a professional business that I run. In front of the scenes, blogging appears to be an outlet for writers to discuss what's on their mind or topics they find interesting, but to me and others, blogging is a source of income.

Behind the scenes, blogging can become very tedious. When working with clients, you will have deadlines you are required to meet, which can sometimes create anxiety within yourself if you get overwhelmed. It is important to produce interesting, and quality work, as your business is a reflection of you, your personality and your professionalism. If your blog is boring or you tend to have constant grammatical errors, you might stand a chance of not attracting recurring traffic to your site, which in return, will cause you to miss out on campaign deals and sponsorship with companies. This is where your compensation comes in.

No corporation that is paying you to market a product or advertise their company via blog articles or social media posts wants crappy work that is going to need a lot of editing and revision. Campaign managers and PR representatives want to be able to trust that you are going to do what is required for the job and produce perfect work. I know nothing in this world is perfect, but when blogging, you better try to come pretty close.

You have to be able to sell yourself as a professional brand, and you can do so by hiring a branding coach. I use Captured by Coriss's professional branding services to keep my blog and social media 100% foolproof and professional. Having the right color scheme and style that matches your personality will help your overall digital appearance. Adding professional images to the mix, goes a long way in the blogging industry, and truth be told, no one is going to take you serious if you are unable to produce high-quality photos and content.

Hiring this service is worth the investment. If you won't invest in you, why would others? If you aren't willing to spend money to make money, then you may want to continue to only look at your blog as a hobby, which is totally okay. But if you are like me, and you want to monetize your blog and social media, then you need to take the first step which is hiring a branding coach. You can look the here for an extremely affordable price.

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