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"The Star" - Movie Review: Is it Worth Your Coins or Not?

I was hesitant about taking my daughter to see this movie, because I was not sure if the true story of the birth of Jesus was going to be altered for monetary gain.

This past weekend, I decided for my weekly mother-daughter outing, with my 4-year-old Kamea, to be a trip to the movies to see the movie "The Star". She has only been to the movies 3 times prior to this. The first time, she did not like what we went to go see (one of the Ice Age movies), so 45 minutes into the movie, she asked me could we leave. I gladly said yes, because I wasn't feeling the movie either. The second time, my parents took her with them to see the film made about Former President Barack Obama. She was 3 then, so I do not know why that was an option, but she ended up having to be taken out of the theater due to loud talking. The third time, I took her to see the Disney movie "Moana", which she sat through the enter film, but got a little agitated during the last 30 minutes. This time, while watching "The Star", she sat through the entire movie and even let the seat down beside her to prop her legs up and get extra comfortable. 

Needles to say, she enjoyed it. It had a great Biblical message about the birth of Jesus. The main characters were displayed through animation with talking animals to hold kids attention, and if my child sat through it in it's entirety, I must say that it was very well thought-out and gets a 5 star for strategically holding toddlers attention. I paid $17 and some change for our tickets, and me being the cheapskate that I am, can say that it was worth every dime, and would actually go see it again.

It is a great movie for both children and adults. It had humor to it and really good music. I am all about a move with a good soundtrack so this get a 10 out of 10 in that category. The move came out just in time for Christmas to get us in the season of celebrating Christ's birth. The key parts of the the birth of Jesus were covered from King Herod wanting Jesus dead, to the Three Wise Men traveling to give baby Jesus gifts. It even refreshed my memory as an adult on some parts of Jesus' birth that I have forgotten. 

All in all, this movie is worth the money, and a must-see in my book! 



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