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This Entrepreneur Quit Her 9-5 with a 32k Salary to Run a Six Figure Brand

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Working as an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, Koereyelle DuBose quickly discovered that the safety net of working an everyday, 9 to 5 just wasn’t for her. She knew she had more to offer and a legacy to leave behind. After 4 years of teaching, Koereyelle exited the classroom to run and grow her six-figure brand.

Koereyelle has started multiple business over the years and has always been passionate about her role and purpose behind every endeavor. From holding a bar tending license, to a nail tech certification, to owning a party planning business, Koe has done it all and has always let her journey teach her something along the way. She encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to keep the faith and trust the process.

"When you build a business based off your passion, story, and your own life experiences, you can't be duplicated."

DuBose tells us that, "No one can do it like you do it", when asked how to deal with the fear of competition. She encourages entrepreneurs to be unique and build a business based off their passion, their story, and their authenticity. She states that when you build a business based off your passion, story, and your own life experiences, you can't be duplicated.

Although every business adventure Koereyelle embarked on did not go as visioned, she did not let that discourage her as she always learned something from every journey whether it was good or bad. She applies that raw knowledge and business experiences to her work ethic today as she owns several businesses that contribute to her success from turning her 32k salary into six figures by building a brand that she is passionate about. Listen now.

When asked how she deals with adversity, Koereyelle informs us that the downfalls never let her get a bad taste in her mouth about business. When asked why she never gave up and what drives her spiritually, Koereyelle states that she knew that God was not going to leave her out. She knew that she had to be persistent and kept a spirit of faith no matter what happened.

DuBose is the founder of Werk Pray Slay weekend which is a 4-day empowerment event that is described as the ultimate weekend for women who are ready to win! The event takes place on October 31 - November 3rd in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about it here.

Check out Koereyelle's interview, "Thinking About Quitting Your 9-5? This Entrepreneur Tells How She Did It", on the So Lux Life podcast.

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