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"He Then Came Back With a Ring..." ft. Tiera Reynolds | Domestic Violence Awareness Series


Tiera Reynolds is the 34-year-old owner/ creator of T.R Designs and T.R the Model of Grenada, Mississippi. Fashion is her passion. At a young age, Tiera started recreating clothing, but it wasn't until she got older that she started to create her own designs and custom pieces for children and adults.

She has been modeling for over 8 years. Over the years Tiera has been involved in fashion shows throughout  Mississippi, showcasing her designs and modeling skills. She was selected to model in Atlanta for Celebrity Stylist Shun Melson in April of 2017.

Tiera is member of the Washington Street Church of Christ in Grenada. She believes without God we can’t do anything and with him all things are possible. She is also the assistant manager at Woodforest National Bank in Grenada. She has a 10-year-old son that she loves dearly and teaches him her favorite motto. FLY First Love Yourself. And keep God in all aspects of your life. 

Listen in as Tiera Reynolds, model and mom, shares her story as she describes her amazing journey of overcoming an abusive relationship turned engagement.

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