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Weight Loss Made Easy | LipoSci Labs Advanced Weight Loss Kit

I know all of you that keep up with me on social media and on my blog know that I had a baby 12 weeks ago. I gained double the weight I was supposed to gain with this pregnancy. I seriously have no idea what happened, but the weight kept coming as I kept eating. I guess that was the problem huh? Lol.

I ended my pregnancy weighing a little over 200 lbs. That was the biggest I had ever been in my entire life. I started off at 150 lbs, and gained a whopping 50 big ones carrying my precious son.

So, now the baby is out of my stomach and I am ready to look and feel my best again. Since I delivered my son, I have lost 25 lbs. It has been a struggle because I have not had time to make it to the gym. My son started off in NICU, and I was working from home, so in between working and being a full time mom, there was little room to get a good workout in.

One thing that helped make my weight loss journey easier was the Advanced Fat Loss Kit from LipoSci Labs. I know you all are like, "Oh goodness...she is about to tell us about some pills that probably don't even work", but I am here to tell you that you will definitely see results if taken properly. I also did their Lipotropic 16:8 diet that was sent to me by the company also as a bonus.

The Advanced Fat Loss Kit consists of a combination of the appetite suppression power of PhenterPro SR with two best fat metabolism solutions, 7- K 2.0 and Lipotropic CLA. I know I may have taken you too fast, so let me break down each product and tell you how it works in conjunction with the others.

By using PhenterPro SR on a daily basis while following the Lipotropic 16:8 Diet program, you can reduce hunger and food cravings, making it easy to make it through the fasting period without a problem. In addition to that, it’ll also enhance your energy level, ensuring you can get through your day – and workouts, without a problem.

7-K 2.0 is made with 7-KETO, which has been shown to help improve fat loss rates over three times compared to just diet and exercise alone.

Finally, the CLA product helps you maximize your fat loss by working to block dietary fat storage in the body.

BONUS: Your order will include the free Lipotropic 16:8 Diet Guide with easy step by step instructions, dos and don'ts, sample eating schedule, helpful food suggestions and more.

Not only that, there is FREE SHIPPING on all orders! It doesn't get much better than this. Use my code KRISPINWATSON to receive 25% off of this deal by clicking here

Thank me later!!!

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