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Are You Really Living Your Best Life?

In 2018, everyone started using the phrase “I'm living my best life." This basically means you are at the best point or a high point in your life, absolutely nothing can make you feel less than, and you are just POPPING to say the least!!!!

I mean it. Your best life is just that: YOUR BEST LIFE, but take a moment with me to do some self identifying to see if you are really living your best life, or if you are just living your best LIE in order to impress others.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw the caption “Just out here living my best life”, I would be rich. Literally. Everyone posts the highlights of their life, including me, but we have to be aware of what’s really going on in our lives in order to really be content on the inside.

I grew into my best life...

This past year, I can admit that I wasn’t living my “best life“ every single day, but I really learned a lot about myself, people around me, my faith or relationship with God, and grew as a woman who changed for the better. I grew into my best life after experiencing the hardships life has to offer so unexpectedly, and learning how to overcome. So many people base their best life on vacations, expensive items, and their inner circle, but what is really important in life?

If you do not have the means to travel and take a picture on the beach with a glass of champagne in your hand, that does not mean you are not living your best life. If you are not in Miami on a yacht that you and your friends rented for a few hours with the new Drake album playing and making snapchat videos, that does not mean you are not living your best life. Stop letting society and social media make you feel less than, or make you feel that you are missing out on the best things in life. God gives us life every single day, and sometimes we overlook the fact that being alive is a major blessing in itself.

I was speaking with my coworker the other day who volunteers with her church to minister to women at a local prison every Monday night. She has been telling me about this for months now and this time she told me that they did baptisms at the prison this weekend. Just hearing her speak about it was so amazing. She said 76 people got baptized and repented for their sins. She said she could tell that they were genuinely sorry for whatever they did to land them in prison. Hearing that 76 women have given their life over to Christ based of a simple act of her small group at church volunteering to spread the word gave me chills. She went on to say that ever since she started going to the prison to minister to the ladies, she has looked at life totally different, and it made me look at life differently also.

That brings me to this - just because you are not out here "doing it for the 'gram" does not mean you are not living your best life right now. Realizing that you could have your freedom taken away from you or you could be out here lost should be enough to say that you are in your best moments in life regardless of the materialistic things you lack that you desire or the vacays that you wish you could go on.

Start thanking God for life itself and be appreciative where you are in this moment. Things will start to change. Your attitude and outlook on life can quickly change if you start to look at things from a different perspective and you will realize that you are already in your best life that Christ has given you and allows you to sustain.


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