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Don't Get Your Hands Dirty

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

We have all been done wrong in our lifetime by people we have trusted and loved. When these people betray us, our fleshly instinct tells us to retaliate, but what does the Bible say to do? Absolutely nothing, besides pray. As Exodus 14:14 says, the Lord himself will fight for you. Not with you, but for you. God just wants you to sit back and allow Him to take on your battles. 

It is so easy to find ourselves wanting to intercede when God wants us to move out of the way. Not everyday will be a good day, and not everyone will treat you how you feel you should be treated. You have to let God work on these individuals. God will seek vengeance far worse than you can. God is not an evil God, but you cannot mess with God’s children and go unpunished.  

Someone recently did me wrong. They played with God in the midst of trying to destroy me, but what happened to this person? They are having financial struggles. Aside from health problems, financial struggles are the worse! Who likes to be broke? No one. I am not happy this is happening to this person, but at the same time, God doesn’t bless mess.

You cannot live a life full of deceit and expect things to go right for you. 

The good news is, God is a redeemer and will forgive you for your sins. We as Christians mess up when we find ourselves stooping to the level of those that hurt us. God has created us to be better than that. He has created us to not have to worry nor fight because He does the fighting for us. With that being said, don’t get your hands dirty. Just sit back, be still, and let God fight on your behalf. 



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