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Just Be Grateful

 "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18

 I spend some of my free time on social media sites, like Facebook, as many of us do. I enjoy seeing the good things that are happening in people's life, the entertainment that makes me chuckle, and just the latest updates on technology, and different current events. One thing I saw on social media recently, that really disturbed me, was a video of a young lady at her gender reveal gathering who was hoping for her unborn baby's gender to be a girl, but it turned out to be a boy. The young lady started kicking the bag the blue balloons were in, and throwing the balloons out of anger because it was revealed to her that she was having a boy instead of a girl. She was seriously throwing a temper tantrum. 

 I was in total shock. The fact that she was so blessed to even be able to conceive deserved the ultimate praise. There are so many women, and families that try to have children, but cannot. These families would be ecstatic to have a baby regardless of what the sex is, and we have people that have an ungrateful mindset when it comes down to the gender of a baby. If you do not get a particular gender, are you not going to love the child the same? This is just something I wonder. 

 Everything we have is a blessing from God. He does not have to give us the things he allows us to have. Some people complain about where they live, but they could be homeless. Some people complain about their job, but they could be unemployed. Some people complain about their looks, but they could be dead. There are so many things in life we take for granted, and feel like we are entitled to, but honestly God does not owe us anything. He blesses us with such things so that we can live more abundantly. We should be thankful in every situation and with everything we have, because one day it could be taken away and we would have to learn the hard way why it is important to be grateful and remain grateful.

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