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Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette Review | Yay or Nay?

For about a year now, I have heard so many makeup artists and beauty lovers say nothing but good things about the Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place. I was browsing in a makeup group on Facebook and saw that they had a sale. You all know I love beauty on a budget, so I said now was the perfect time to try this palette.

Ordering the palette was super easy. I just logged on to Juvia's Place website and found the palette I was looking for on the home screen. Click here for a direct link to the palette. I believe I received 40% off that day using a promo code so that helped out a lot. This palette comes in size mini and large. There was only a $3 price difference in the sizes so I decided to just order the large. I chose regular shipping at checkout and ended up spending $24.15 for the product and shipping. Shipping was extremely fast. I ordered the palette on a Sunday and it shipped the next day. I was provided with a tracking number on the following monday to track my shipment. It states that regular shipping takes up to 10 days, but my palette arrived on the following Saturday, 6 days later.

The packaging was so cute! It has the Egyptian Queen, Nefer­ti­ti, on the cover with bright colors. The owner was born in Nigeria so that ties into the background of having the Egyptian Queen on the cover. There was a cover packaging of the same image that protected the actual palette.

This palette comes with 16 unique colors and every one of this is highly pigmented. There are 8 more subtle colors that are in the bronze/brown family and then you have 8 more bold colors that range from purple, green, blue to pink. Some colors have a shimmer and some have a matte look which is great for when you want to create a more natural look. This palette is definitely versatile for whichever look you are going for. Below are a few looks I have created so far using this palette.

I definitely give this product a YAY! The price and quality of this palette is hard to find and I am happy I have stumbled upon this eye shadow treasure!

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