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Pay It Forward

"Because being great has less to do with success and more to do with what you’re doing for others." - Unknown. 

So often we have goals of being "successful", but what does success really mean? Does it mean becoming a self-made millionaire and not putting forth effort to help someone else gain success, or does it mean being able to give back to society in order to help someone else be great? I am going to go with the latter of the two choices. To me, there is no point in being successful if you are not going to pay it forward. What I mean by paying it forward is helping someone gain the knowledge and resources someone has helped you to gain, in order to get to a better place in life.

Some of you may be saying to yourself, "Well no one helped me to get to where I am, I got here by myself." While that is beyond magnificent, you should be proud to share the knowledge you have found with someone else. It will not hurt you to help others. There is enough revenue in the world for everyone.

Many people do not like to help others become successful because they feel that person will become a threat to their entrepreneurship or become "competition".

We have to stop thinking like that. There is enough room for everyone to win. Selfish mindsets have to be let go in order to keep the chain of growth and success alive. We all have to learn to help one another. We cannot become insecure with the fact that someone may become better than us if we tell them what we did to get to where we are. I encourage you to pay it forward and count it as a blessing.



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