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Pregnancy Fashion | Super Affordable Outfit

So today marks me officially starting my 8th month of pregnancy! I am on baby number two and the countdown is SO real. I have gained so much weight this pregnancy. I am not sure if it is because I am having a boy this time, or I just overdid it with the chicken and cupcakes! Either way, I've found some super cute items that fit my pregnant belly without having me to look as far along as I am. Stay tuned.

I pieced together some of my favorite items to achieve this look. I have on a fitted shirt from Old Navy, but I got it in a size XXL so that it can be loose fitting. This shirt is so comfortable and can be worn with jeans as seen here, or with leggings for a more lounge fit. I got it for around $12. I added a coral blazer in which I got from my closet. I used to run an online boutique, and this was one of the items I was selling. I may have one or two left that didn't sell, so e-mail your size if you would like to purchase, and I will see what I have! Moving on...

My jeans are my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. They are the slim fits by Levi. I must admit, I do have a hard time trying to button these since I am so far along in my pregnancy, but that gives me a goal (to fit back comfortably in my jeans) when it comes to loosing my baby weight.

I am wearing a par of wedges that are super comfortable made by Steve Madden. Your doctor will probably advise you NOT to wear heels while pregnant, but if you absolutely must (like I did), I would suggest you grabbing a pair of wedges. They are very comfortable and give you more support than stilettos.

I topped this look off with a navy blue tote from Michael Kors. With my hair being pulled into a high bun, I decided on some chandelier earrings I found at a small boutique in Gulf Shores, AL, and my favorite necklace from Kendra Scott.

This look is very affordable and also comfortable. It is perfect for a casual day at work, or an evening out with friends. Can you tell that I'm 8 months pregnant by looking at these photos?! Its amazing what a few layers of clothes will do.

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