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Protecting Your Time

I don't know who needed to hear this, but stop wasting your time. I recently found myself giving time and attention to things that weren't serving me any purpose. I mean, absolutely none at all. I was seriously just going through the motions of life, but in reality, I wasn't getting anywhere. Have you ever just looked at something you were doing or caught up in and had a moment of honesty with yourself?

Just because something looks or feels good, does not mean that it's good for you. Make a note of that.

I've come to the realization that my biggest tests come through people. Like seriously you guys, people REALLY do try me out here. Sometimes I pass the test, sometimes I don't, but what is most important is that I have found myself evolving and growing into the woman that I desire to be. Certain things I was accustomed to doing, just started not to feel right anymore. People I once couldn't see myself without, I didn't have the desire to be around nor even give a small conversation to. This was because I was in a season of growth and development.

Lately, for about a year now, I've found myself protecting my peace and deciding to not waste anymore time on anything or anyone.

When you get to a point of being honest with yourself, you will have a much easier time coping with what's going on in your everyday life.

Sometimes we get caught up on the perception of how we think things should be, in comparison to what they really are.

We can get so caught up in the potential of a person to where we overlook the flawed characteristics that they already possess, and sometimes are not willing to change. Let's not waste anymore time waiting on someone to live up to their potential. I'm not saying to give up on a person because they are not where they want to be in life, but what I am saying is that we have to see that person actually WANT to change as opposed to us just wanting it for them. It's a two-way system, and the other person has to be willing to meet you halfway.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What behaviors am I indulging in that aren't' helping me to grow?

2. Is the relationship I am currently in one that I can see myself in for the rest of my life?

3. Am I seeing the key characteristics in myself that I want to see in others?

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