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Sigma Aura Powder Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

So, what's the hype about the Sigma Aura Powder Blush? I was wondering the same thing, and luckily I was sent this product to test and review! I have had this product for a few months, but I am just doing a review on it because I like to see how products last over time, and this one held up great!

Sigma Aura Powder and Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush

I'm always so excited when I get chosen to try new products, so of course I was excited to try this blush because I have not used Sigma beauty products before. I've seen a lot of beauty influencers promoting their products, but it was never a brand I just stopped to purchase while in a beauty store before now.

Ok, let's get into it. The Aura Powder is a blush that is said to add dimension, color and warmth to your face (according to the description on the website I always try to read up on a product before I try it just to see if it is going to do as the site advertises. Honesty is key with me.

One thing I absolutely loved was the brush they sent with this product. It was so soft and just perfectly shaped and pretty to the point that I didn't want to use it because it was so angelically white! I love a good brush, and this is one of the top quality brushes that I have used thus far. This brush made applying the powder a breeze. I did not have to use a lot of product because it was very pigmented. It literally took one stroke in the product to get a nice color to add dimension to my cheeks.

Overall, I give this product a thumbs up because both the brush and the powder do as they are designed to do. The shade I used was Nymphaea. It was a rose pink color which is great for an everyday look when you are not trying to go over the top with your makeup look! Did I mention this powder retails at $19?! Yes, only 19 bucks you guys! You don't want to miss a quality product with a deal like this. Head over to Sigma Beauty and shop the Sigma Aura Powder Blush here.



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