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Toxic People: Stay Away From Them

Toxic people, we all know them. These are people who cannot stay away from anger, gossip, and drama. These people are cannot see past the anger that has consumed their life. They are jealous, they complain, and they are dangerous. The Bible says to remove yourself from these types of people. They will kill the joy you have inside of you, and turn you into a toxic person right along with them. 

Unlike flourishing individuals, toxic people lack vision and creativity because they are in mental bondage caused by the enemy.

They are weak and never satisfied. Everything in the world could be going right for them, and they will still find a way to make it seem negative because they dwell in the pity of their life. These people are never truly happy, and you should stay far, far away from them. Toxic people are too busy worrying about why you are so blessed to where they miss out on the blessing of their own. They are consumed with wondering how you got a house, and they are still renting. They are worried about how you got a new car, and they are still asking for rides. They are too busy wondering how you got blessed with a good job, and overlook the fact that they are still employed. 

Let these people GO! It is for your own good. Sometimes these people are our friends, and sometimes they may even be our family members, but regardless of who they are, you cannot be afraid to cut ties with these individuals. These people have tunnel vision. They cannot see past right now. They have no dreams and aspirations. If you keep entertaining these folk, they will suck the life out of you. Keep in mind, misery loves company. These people will pretend to be happy for you for a little while, but eventually, their true feelings will begin to show.


One thing you cannot do is satisfy a toxic person. You have to give these people over to God. They want to ruin the lives of others because they are already ruined. Toxic people are ruined on the inside, and the only thing that can fix this is a change of their heart. These people have to be renewed and restored from the inside. The only thing you can do, is cut them off, and pray for their salvation.  



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