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Uncomfortably Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation that had you feeling like you were stuck between a rock and a hard place? Like, every way you looked at the situation, and every possible solution to the situation was still going to leave you in an uncomfortable position. I like to call this "uncomfortably stuck".

God allows us to feel uncomfortable when He is getting ready to move in our lives. We may look at the trials we go through as roadblocks, but they are really learning experiences that will make only us wiser and more prepared for the level we will be elevated to.

Being able to recognize the positive reinforcements in the midst of your struggle is growth that is pushing you towards the right direction.

Sometimes, we tend to look at our mishaps as stumbling blocks when living and focusing on the present moment, and not dwelling and relying on the comfort that is promised to us in the Word. It is very easy to get distracted by things that seem as though they are messing up the order in our lives, which is why we have to pray for discernment so that we are able to make sound decisions and have good judgment when it comes to our actions and reactions to certain instances.

I, personally, have not always made the best decisions. I will be the first to admit that I have made plenty mistakes, and have done things that I have regretted. It's life, right? One thing I learned throughout it all was that I still had value no matter what I was currently being faced with or going through.

We watch motivational videos each morning at work, and one particular video reminded me that my value and self worth will never deteriorate. A guy used a $20 bill as an example in this particular video. He asked who wanted the $20 bill. Everyone does, right? He then crumbled it up and stepped on it and asked us if we still wanted the $20 bill. The answer was still yes. We still wanted the $20 because no matter what the outside surface of the $20 bill looked like, it still held a $20 value.

No matter how crumbled up, bruised, scared, or unworthy you may feel, you have to remind yourself that you still hold value.

Although you may feel uncomfortable in your current situation, do not let yourself get stuck. Don't settle for the ruck that you are in. Keep persevering so that you can make it to the other side and share your beautiful story. The current chapter you are on does not determine the outcome of your story. Happy endings await you, so go get unstuck!

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