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You Are Who You Hang Around

Watch the company you keep. I remember hanging around people that were completely negative. You know, the ones that find something to always be upset and angry about. Every conversation would consist of them fussing about what someone else is doing, and talking about things that really had no substance. I realized that these conversations started making me act the exact same way, upset and angry about the smallest things. The company I kept was draining the good character out of me. 

I noticed this by asking God to reveal who did not need to be in my life, and every time I would talk to these people, I would feel drained and agitated because they never had ANYTHING positive to say. My spirit was speaking to me and showing me that these particular individuals did not belong in my circle. 

Once I distanced myself from these people, my days seems much more peaceful and I turned back into the person God wanted me to be. 

God doesn’t want us to walk in bitterness. He wants us to walk in joy and happiness. Don’t let the company you keep cause you to be someone you’re not. Don’t be afraid to cut these people off for your own benefit. You do not have to end on a bad note, just simply distance yourself. Those that mean you no good will take offense to it, and those that understand you are trying to grow as a person will wish you the best.  



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