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Lash Application Essentials | The Diamond Lashes

Okay you guys, we are all about some lashes right?!. False lashes, especially mink lashes, give your makeup look that extra pop. So, what are some essentials needed to apply your mink lashes? 3 things: Lash glue, tweezers, and clippers/scissors.

I think it is pretty obvious why you need the glue, but for those that do not know, eye lash adhesive is what makes your lashes stick to the rim of your lids. Pictured is the Strip Lash Adhesive from Kiss Cosmetics which can be shopped at your local Walmart or drug store for under $3.

To the far left, are a pair of tweezers. I find this tool to be the most effective item when it comes to getting the lash as close to your real lash line as possible. Some people use their hand, but the preciseness of the tweezers make it easier to apply your lash and properly put it in place.

Clippers (aren't these the cutest?) or scissors are essential because sometimes lashes come longer than the length of your eyes, and for them to look as natural as possible when you have them on, you have to clip the ends of the lashes to fit the size of your eye so that it won't be too long.

These super cute clippers, tweezers, and lashes were courtesy of The Diamond Lashes. Be on the lookout for my unboxing YouTube video and review of these items!

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