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Maybelline Superstay Foundation Review - Is it a Yay or Nay?

Are you curious to know if the new Superstay formula from Maybelline is worth your money? Read on.

If you are a beauty fanatic, much like myself, you may have seen the popular gurus endorsing this new foundation from Maybelline. I was content with my Fit Me formula (also by Maybelline), so I was not in a rush to try it. This foundation is advertised to be FULL COVERAGE.

"What female doesn't love a full coverage foundation?”

I was looking through my weekly newspaper and saw a coupon for this foundation. I said, "Look at God," because this must have been my sign to try it. I made my way to my local Walmart, found the shade that best matched me (#362), and went to checkout. Just my luck, when I get to the checkout counter, I cannot find my coupon ANYWHERE!!!!! Keep in mind, the only reason I was buying it was because I had a $2 off coupon. I guess the cashier got tired of waiting on me so she asked what the coupon was for, and gave me the $2 off anyway #win!

Yay or Nay?

I got home and almost forgot I purchased this product, but when I remembered, I got in a hurry to try it out. I pulled out my Morphe foundation brush and opened the foundation. It has a pump, which I liked, because the Fit Me foundation does not and you have to pour the product out (such a hassle).

I put a few pumps on my face and started to work the formula in. It seemed decent. It did have a full coverage as advertised. I let the foundation dry, and let me tell face felt like I had just undergone a Botox procedure. My face was TIGHT!!! This was a sign that my makeup was not going to budge while on my face. Check out my selfie wearing the Superstay Foundation below!

Overall, I give it a #YAY because it was affordable, had a pump, and was lightweight. Do I like it better than the Fit Me formula? We will have to save that for another blog!



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