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Neutrogena 100% Hydrogel Mask | Product Review

#ItsInTheGel is a campaign by Neutrogena and I am so thankful they sponsored some products so that I can give you this review! I had the pleasure of trying our their Hydrogel Deep Clean Purifying and Radiance Boost Brightening Masks. I absolutely loved them both!

I have used clay masks in the past but I have never used a gel mask, so this was a first. What I liked most about it was the easy and mess-free application. All I had to do was peel the mask off of the covering and apply it to my face. It came in two seperate parts, a bottom and top piece which made it even easier to apply.

After application, I let it sit on my face for 15-30 minutes and then took it off and rubbed in any extra product on my face an onto my neck. From the feel of my skin, I could tell a difference as soon as I removed the mask. My skin was very soft and hydrated. I sometimes have a problem with dry skin, so these masks helped out tremendously. Even the next morning, my skin still felt hydrated and looked radiant and bright. These masks retail for only $2.99! You can't beat a deal like this especially when it comes to skincare.

Radiance Boost Brightening 100% Hydrogel Mask
Photo courtesy of Neutrogena

Photo courtesy of Neutrogena

Photo courtesy of Neutrogena

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