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Ooh La La Lash Bar 3D Mink Lashes | Yay or Nay? | Product Review

Let me tell you this...a makeup look without lashes is not really a "makeup" look. It's just a look. Lol...I'm kidding, but I know you all have been seeing people in the last couple of years raving about mink lashes. So, what sets them apart from regular strip lashes? Well, they are made of the finest hairs, and they last up to 20 wears with proper care. I teamed up with Ooh La La Lash Bar to review their "Kim" styled mink lashes, and I am in LOVE!!!! These lashes are really full and give my eyes that extra "pop". They retail for $24.99 and can be shopped here. This product definitely gets a "YAY" from me!

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