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The One Red Lipstick Every Mama Should Own

Ok mamas! I know that as we are always on the go, so makeup tends to be the last thing on our mind. When we do think about it, we try to do something simple and quick because our busy little ones make it kind of hard to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to making up our faces. I know many of you don't spend that kind of time on makeup, but I am a makeup artist, so when I get in my zone of creating a slay, I do just that - create a slay.

This look is a quick and neutral glam with a red lip to make it pop. The thing I love most about this lipstick is that it’s matte, and once dries, you have to do some serious scrubbing to get it off. You know what this means - you can kiss on your little one (or your man) as much as you like, without getting lipstick all over their adorable cheeks!!

I apply this lippie once in the morning, and it doesn’t even smudge when I’m eating lunch or out for drinks in the evening. You do not have to apply multiple coats of this lipstick because it is very pigmented. This is the only red that I have come across that looks good against my complexion. It hard to find that "perfect" red because there are many different shades, and the key is to find one that matches your undertones (makeup talk).

This lipstick was shopped from Infinitely Beautiful, and the shade is "heaux". Shop here.

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